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Outlaw is for those who don't seek to fit in and want to transcend with their creations. We stand for freedom and empowerment to change the world.

Colección Chamarras de Cuero OUTLAW


Drawn to high-quality leather items in our community, we created Outlaw as a response to showcase Mexican leather craftsmanship. For over 300 years, León, Mexico, has been recognized for its work in leather.

We started by making jackets for our friends, and in doing so, we found the best materials and the finest craftsmen. The result was incredible—a product with excellent quality that offers great value for all involved. Outlaw emerges to break rules and limitations,
to strive for more.

We are for the rebels. Those who break the rules. The nonconformists. For those who decide to take an unconventional route and follow their instincts, whether a chef, athlete, lawyer, engineer... Whatever you do, you can always break paradigms and stereotypes to prove that you can be the best at what you do.

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